In Anishinaabeg Akiing, we are choosing the green path and lighting the Eighth Fire by heralding in a restorative and regenerative economy.

Akiing, the Anishinaabe word for “ the land to which the people belong” is a regional integrated community development initiative, aimed at restoring an culturally based Anishinaabe economy focused on food, energy, and value added production. Akiing is  intended to restore health and well being economic opportunities for Anishinaabe people in the Great Lakes region, through the promotion of education and outreach on sustainable development, research, pilot projects and regional collaboration on economic development, cultural events , research and policy work for tribal nations.

Somewhere between the teachings of western science and those of Indigenous peoples, there is some agreement on the state of the world.

Ecosystems are collapsing, species are going extinct the polar ice caps are melting and nuclear radiation is contaminating the land and water.
The challenge at the cusp of the millennium is to transform human laws to match natural laws, not visa versa And to correspondingly transform wasteful production and voracious consumption.

America and industrial society must move from a society based on conquest to one steeped in the practice of survival.

In order to do that, we must close the circle. The linear nature of industrial production itself, in which labor and technology turn natural resources into consumer products and wastes , must be transformed into a cyclical system In the gest scenario, natural resources must be re-used or not used at all, and waste production cut to a mere trickle

Those who watch carefully onaanaagadawaabandamaawaa, know that this will require a technological cultural and legal transformation
— Winona Laduke